Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing - Harriet Braiker


Perfection. So many strive to reach it, but essentially we must ask ourselves if it’s even possible…

When we think of something as being perfect, it is what we perceive to be flawless, however, perfection itself has its flaws. How often do you meet a person who others can only describe to be amazing. According to everyone else, there is nothing bad about this individual. But the mere sight of them makes your blood boil because they’re so irritatingly perfect, surely this makes them imperfect?

On Facebook, there are copious adverts down the sides of the page marketing products and cosmetic surgery, a lot of which claim to give ‘perfection’. This worries me a lot, as it seems to me that more and more people are being encouraged to strive for this unattainable goal to be flawless. Perfect.

This brings me to another point. Does one have to be perfect to be beautiful? All these advertisements appear to be promoting perfection in the name of beauty, and it just seems wrong. How can we expect women to believe that they’re pretty and attractive when as soon as they open up their Facebook account, they are confronted by promotions offering breast enlargements and methods for quick weight loss, all of which can push people into self doubt, ultimately leading to low self esteem and other issues.

On the other hand, it could be argued that people should take whatever measures they feel necessary in order to make themselves happy, and if this is reaching what they see as perfection then so be it. But ultimately, how far should one go to attain their ideal? If it's detrimental to either them, or anyone else, then should it still be condoned?

It's an interesting concept, perfection. It's so subjective - we all have such different ideas as to what defines it - yet essentially it is so utterly unobtainable, and thus why I believe it to be so wrong that the commercial world manipulates people into believing otherwise...


  1. I agree with this.
    I also think that the amounts of Facebook adds is getting out of control, it just leads people into thinking they aren't good enough, which can cause much bigger problems for them. I think these advertising companies need to stop thinking of the amount of money they are getting but how much they are forcing people into a hard life of striving for perfection :]

  2. Aye aye captain

    As a boy myself, I'm not really under much pressure to reach perfection, just to keep myself clean and looking good with showers, deoderant, hair gel etc.

    So I imagine it's quite different for girls