Friday, 10 April 2009


The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return -Tolouse

Something I frequently find myself pondering over, is can one ever really trust another human being? I find it an interesting point, because as is stated in Moulin Rouge, ‘Without trust, there is no love’. This baffles me somewhat, as everyday I see evidence for love all around me, indeed, valentines day was just a few weeks ago, and the sheer volume of couples partaking in public displays of affection was overwhelming; although allowing myself to digress here, February 14th does seem to my mind to be rather superficial and something that the commercial world likes to encourage a belief in as a mere money making scheme. But still the question remains of how we can ever really be certain that someone is loyal, trustworthy and won’t let us down.

Another query that I’d like to raise, is does every person have the capacity to love? Is everyone able to open their heart and soul to another, who could potentially take it, only to break and give back again? Because to my way of thinking, it does not seem too easy a task, to give someone the absolute power to destroy you. And for that matter, is there even someone out there for every, single person?

Finally, I recently read an article in BBC health, proposing that love can be explained by a series of chemical activities within the brain. It is therefore plausible to develop an aphrodisiac which would make people fall in love with the first person they see, and reversely, an antidote to unrequited love. If this is true, then surely it completely undermines the whole point of love as being something so beautiful and poetic?

From this, you can probably deduce that I am in a bit of a muddle about my feelings on love, but it was for this reason for which I began blogging in the first place - as a way of articulating my thoughts and from there on formulating an opinion. In conclusion to this ramble, if any of you lovebugs have any comments to make, or any words of advice or comfort to the lost little loveless souls out there, feel free to do so...

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